Using the services of a relocation expert, the employer will save time and money. Hotel and restaurant fees, transportation will be reduced to a minimum.

By offering a sole contact, the employer ensures that the motivation of their employee and their colleagues in line for mobility remains high. Gain of productivity, emulation, serenity, providing a dedicated individual, expert in the field allows the expatriate to focus on its business priorities.

Financing : Mobili-Pass

Salaried workers in mobility can, in France, under some conditions but regardless of their nationality, benefit from a national scheme “ MOBILI-PASS®”. It basically helps financing costs attached to the search of a rented accommodation.

benefits hr snprm

SNPRMexpert’s response

What a SNPRM labeled expert will ensure you:

  • A high level of legal expertise and knowledge of the local particularities
  • The power of world network
  • Bespoke delivery under a service commitment acted by a chart
  • A single point of entry to help you design your internal mobility strategies
  • A total confidentiality on individuals and data handled.
  • Respect of deadlines and costs control.


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