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Cosmopolitan Services Unlimited (CSU) was created in 1978 by an American living in Paris who understood that multi-national corporations and international businesses would need relocation services such as home finding and settling-in services. CSU now holds the #1 position in regards to relocation programs for workforce mobility in France. The key to CSU’s success in helping companies relocate their employees resides in the fact that these services are insured within strict timing, quality and budget constraints outlined to us by the company client ahead of time. Relocation Services CSU provides a wide variety of relocation services: •Relocation: Orientation, Home Finding, Settling-In, Schooling Consultancy Services •Immigration •Tenancy Management •Intercultural/"Country Briefing" •Spousal Assistance •International Mobility Coordination, etc. Clientele Each year, CSU assists several hundred families relocate in all regions of France and Monaco. The most prominent industrial and service-based companies in the world have chosen CSU as a privileged partner to handle the realities of the relocation and immigration-related challenges in France. CSU is also a partner to hundreds of smaller French or international companies as they appreciate CSU's personalized sense of service with one objective: the successful move-in of their transferees while respecting a work ethic, a timetable, and agreed-upon costs. CSU Accreditation CSU is also the primary partner for France of Relocation Management Companies for both relocation and immigration formalities. This accreditation to high service quality model networks with high expectations of service provides CSU with a privileged access to the other accredited members throughout the world.