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Mari-Liis Garcia

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France Global Relocation, an independent organization, has been providing its expertise to a large number of companies since 1989. Today, run by two qualified professionals, Pascale Chazelle and Mari-Liis Garcia, FGR enables companies to externalize all or a part of their staff mobility management by offering A to Z relocation services and a reliable safety net for the employees so that they could become 100% work-effective within a fortnight after arrival. FGR proposes a double competency; on the one hand, an excellent mastery of the difficulties encountered by companies when dealing with the mobility of their personnel; and on the other hand, a perfect understanding of how to help executives and their families with their move and integration. More precisely, the company gives advice and assistance to the HR teams in the following areas: - Managing national and international mobility - Immigration - Apartment hunt and settling-in coordination - Taxes - Social security - Intercultural differences FGR has a personal approach and thanks to its small team and a light structure, we can: • Follow all the missions • Guarantee flexibility and the means to adapt to the demands of each mission • Control fees