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Elitax’s services span the full spectrum of tax advice, assistance, and support to meet the specific needs of the individual expatriate. Our primary focus is income tax return and wealth tax return, where we assist the individual expatriate on positioning, preparation and processing of the returns. We have designed a unique process of personal consultation to help the individual expatriates become aware of the tax responsibilities and liabilities of expatriation. Elitax also provides tax representation, tax training and tax audit support. In order to help expatriates in France, we make available Taxation Info France, where we provide free practical information to help start smoothly in France, where taxation is concerned. We also compile Tax rate comparison charts to help expatriates compare-tax rates abroad with those of the French system. Elitax caters to a diverse set of clients ranging from the self-employed, through small-and-medium size companies to CAC 40 multinational enterprises. Individuals and or companies using Elitax services span manufacturing, energy, food, finance and insurance, aviation and consulting sectors. Elitax’ client base also comprises students, independents and retirees.