The SNPRM is the national professional council for companies dedicated to providing services in the field of relocation and professional mobility in France and abroad. Set up in 1995, it now federates 80 % of companies in the industry of relocation


The SNPRM, as a union, defends the interests of the activity and its members to all levels of public authority. It promotes our industry in the economic environment and, nationally and internationally contributes to the topics of today and the trends of tomorrow.

To its members and affiliates, it provides services and training so to maintain the highest possible standard in the field of professional mobility.

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Its missions are varied, among them, the main axes are :

  1. Promotion of the industry in this environment and its prescribers, Head of HR, media, employees…
  2. Mutualization of knowledge and specific skills of all actors of mobility, non-limited to SNPRM members.
  3. Create and provide an open program of training with high added value.
  4. Defend the interests of the industry to public authority
  5. Structure et regulate our profession


The SNPRM welcomes under the branding « Members, Relocation Experts»professionals of Relocation and  Professional Mobility and recorded as code 7022Z et linked to the collective agreement ‘Syntec’. Their missions entails« Advice and assistance to Heads of Human Resources departments and employees in the handling of national or international mobility policies ».


Joining the SNPRM
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The SNPRM welcomes also in its ranks under the designation « Partners » companies working with or for Mobility experts without it being their main activity. They provide additional expertise and services in all domains related to mobility such as banking, insurance, movers, furniture rental, immigration, tax, health coverage…

The SNPRM welcomes only companies with no stake in the real estate industry.

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