We have the pleasure to transmit herewith, the first “trade repository” of the Relocation.

This repository has several objectives:

  • -Explain the contents of the various services that can offer a Relocation company
  • Ask a budget framework on these services
  •  To highlight issues related to the choice of a Relocation company
  •  Give the essential key to the right choice of a Relocation company

Download snprm_referentiel_2014.pdf


Following a collective inter-company relations Mediation mediation, the CSD, the SNPRM and the CDAF have decided to drive together an approach to lead to an agreement of good practice and beyond a regular and permanent relationship on trade relations concerning the sector moving and relocation.

We are pleased to bring to your attention the contents of the agreement of good practices between order-givers, moving companies and Relocation companies, signed on 21 November at the Congress of the SSC and confirmed in Lyon last Friday.