The international context of our activity generates needs for updates so to maintain an excellence of service. Internal or outside experts provide training sessions in all matters related to tax, immigration laws, housing regulations, intercultural management and so many more… The SNPRM has its own in-house training structure, with a national agreement number to provide teaching services and works in conjunction with our European academy of Relocation Experts. This enables our sessions to be labelled and provide credits for a European certification.

EARP – European Academy of Relocation Professionals

With the aim to standardize the quality of training at a European level, 4 national unions have founded in 2002 the European Academyof Relocation Professionals (EARP). Namely, those were :

  • ABRA – Belgium-
  • ARP – United Kingdom-
  • EuRA – Europe-
  • SNPRM – France-

The academy establishes curricula, credits training sessions provided in Europe by various national associations, computes and validates individually earnt credits.

To know more about certification process:

Certified European Relocation Professional

To know even more :
Dominic Tidey, Operations Manager – EARP UK –
Isabelle Coroller, member of EARP executive committee in France

Certified Training Center

Since 2002, SNPRM is registered as a certified training center. Open to all, members or not, our training center offers a wide range of topics covering all the needs of mobility experts. Our courses are designed for those wishing to expand their scope of skills but also to those who want to start in the trade or HR executives, willing to better grasp geographic mobility issues and its advantages for the company and its employees.

RH Trainings

To cater for all specific needs, several types of training sessions are organized :

  • Training in small groups on a 1 day basis. EARP certified, they allow for a 50 points credit by training day.
  • Internet training, webinars, lasting about 90 minutes on technical issues.
  • Seminars for beginners, ‘fundamentals of Relocation’ level 1 in European certification EARP ERQ1.

Most of our training sessions take place in Paris but, on demand, they can be organized anywhere in France.


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