The SNPRM is also home to the companies that work with the Relocation without so far in practice mainly, then they are “affiliated”.

Affiliates support the Union and put their expertise at the service of Relocation companies in achieving their mission:

  • Banks
  • Insurance
  • Regional development agencies
  • Language training
  • Intercultural management
  • Move
  • Furniture rental
  • Hotel residences
  • In-home services
  • Recruitment and interim

See the list of affiliates


Only companies having no connection with real estate agents can claim integrate the SNPRM. To become ‘Affiliated’ they must:

  • practise for more than two years.
  • accept compliance with the code of ethics on the honour.
  • meet the membership questionnaire, which will be considered for acceptance by the members of the bureau, by joining:
    •  a brochure of the company
    • a letter of recommendation from a client of the company
    • a letter of recommendation signed by a member of the SNPRM, on letterhead of the latter.
    •  Pay an entry fee
    •  To adjust the amount of the annual fee

To apply for membership


  • The coordinates of the affiliate (addresses, telephone, fax), as well as a link or a website address appear in all listings published and communicated by the SNPRM.
  • “Affiliates” are invited to intervene, and/or participate in the SNPRM, in particular meetings, each year, the National Convention and the Day Members and courses accredited by the EARP, Academy European professionals of the Relocation.
  • «Affiliates» systematically receive all information distributed by the SNPRM.
  • “Affiliates” can take part in the votes at meetings.
  • «Affiliates» can have recourse to the services of the delegate of SNPRM for all information concerning the “Relocation” and possibly broadcasting their messages to the concerned members.
  • “Affiliates” can use the SNPRM and the EARP logos on all their documents.
  • «Affiliates» can present their company on the site of the SNPRM.


For all further information, know the rates of assessment and receive the membership questionnaire: send a message to info@snprm.com

Upon receipt of a complete file, it is submitted to the Office where the decision is transmitted within a period of about 1 month.