The SNPRM Code of Ethics is an undertaking signed by its Members every year: first of all upon joining the syndicate and subsequently upon each annual renewal of membership.

The syndicate recommends that each Relocation company ensures that the present code of ethics is applied by its subcontractors.

The Code of Ethics is made known to the Syndicate’s Affiliate Members who may use it as a framework of reference for establishing partnerships with SNPRM Members.

Each member undertakes to respect the following rules:


  • Maintain the knowledge and skills levels of all employees and subcontractors with regards to changes in the profession, by means of regular and adapted training courses


  • Refrain from making recommendations or providing advice on subjects in which the member is not fully experienced or qualified


With regards to Society:

  • Prefer and promote solutions which integrate the social, economic and environmental principles of sustainable development

With regards to the client:

  • Ensure that all the required insurance policies have been taken out, notably with regards to Civil Liability and transport of persons in a professional environment


With regards to the profession:

  • Permanently uphold the dignity, honour and reputation of the profession
  • Refrain from any form of unfair competition
  • Never cause prejudice to the reputation or work of third parties, by negligence or intentionally
  • Only take over a mission from a fellow member upon the express wishes of the client and to carry out the said mission with full respect of the Code of Ethics
  • Refrain from any incorrect or false communication or any form of declaration which may cause prejudice to the profession

With regards to clients:

  • Always act in the best interests of the client and carry out all professional missions with integrity and loyalty
  • Inform the client of any conflict of interest


  • Undertake to respect the confidential nature of information provided by the client


  • Refrain from accepting any form of direct or indirect remuneration which may compromise the independent character of decisions and recommendations
  • The value of gifts received or offered within the framework of business relations must remain within a reasonable limit to avoid being considered as a commission. Under no circumstances may gifts be made or accepted in a monetary form
  • Refrain from accepting direct or indirect commissions from estate agencies, notaries, hotel residences or any other property professional


Any person who considers that the present Code of Ethics has been breached may refer to the SNPRM Board which undertakes to respect full confidentiality with regards to all exchanges.

If the referral is considered to be founded, the President of the SNPRM will convene, by random draw, a committee to process the affair, ensuring that there is no potential conflict of interest.

The committee will be comprised of 4 persons:  a member of the board, 2 Syndicate members and an Affiliated Member.

The role of the committee is to:

  • Identify breaches of the Code of Ethics
  • Vote on any sanctions

Committee decisions must be made unanimously and sanctions put forward will be applied by the Board.

Possible sanctions: reminder, warning, temporary exclusion and definitive exclusion.

Every year the Board will report to the AGM on the number of referrals received and any sanctions taken.