Benefits for the employer

One sometimes wrongly believes that the services of a relocation expert are only for the high end of the company hierarchy. It does apply to all. The same level of commitment is displayed for a transfer,be it a 100 miles away or at the other end of the world. Economically, in all instances, it is more sound to delegate onto a professional who is going to do the bulk of the work for you and your company rather than letting you handle it by yourself, involving many exploratory trips, week-ends and days off taken on the road. Time off that will be needed when installed to enjoy the surroundings. You will arrive fresh and focused on your new position in a fully operational environment.

Available schemes (Mobili-Pass®, 1% Logement)

The employee may suggest its employer to use the services of a recognized mobility expert whose fees for accommodation searching will be partly or fully funded by a specific scheme “ MOBILI-PASS®”provided by ‘Action Logement Services’.

Finding a Relocation expert
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