Only Relocation companies unconnected with real estate agents can claim to integrate the SNPRM.

See the list of members


They have to become a ‘Member ‘:

  • Exist: have a structure (self-employed, EURL, SARL, SA, SAS, or other).
  • Have at least two satisfied customers (mandatory recommendation letters on company letterhead and signed by the payer for example HRD).
  • Be able to present a tool of communication (brochure and/or website).
  • Have, at a minimum, the level 1 certification EARP (“Fundamentals” over 2 days training) or 2 years of seniority.
  • Accept compliance with the code of ethics on the honour.
  • Reply to the questionnaire which will be considered for acceptance by the members of the Bureau.
  • Pay an entry fee
  • Pay a fee whose amount is function of turnover declared the previous year.


  • The coordinates of the society member (addresses, telephone, fax), its positioning, as well as a link or a Web site address appear in the listings provided by the SNPRM.
  • “Members” are invited to intervene, and/or participate in the SNPRM, in particular meetings, each year, the National Convention and the Day Members and courses accredited by the EARP, Academy European professionals of the Relocation.
  • They may attend these events and training at the rate special member.
  • ‘Members’ systematically receive all information distributed by the SNPRM.
  • They have access to the reserved area of the website where they will find numerous information and news regarding the profession.
  • A monthly legal newsletter is sent to them by mail: JURIS INFO.
  • A legal service is put at their disposal to answer their questions.
  • ‘Members’ can take part in the votes at meetings.
  • ‘Members’ can have recourse to the services of the delegate of the SNPRM for all information concerning the “Relocation” and eventually to disseminate their messages to the concerned members.
  • ‘Members’ can use the SNPRM and the EARP logos on all their documents.


Download Formulaire d’adhésion

For all information, know the rates of assessment and receive the membership questionnaire: send a message to info@snprm.com.
Upon receipt of a folder, it is submitted to the office where the decision is transmitted within a period of about 1 month. The SNPRM Office reserves the right to request additional information.