Professional mobility

Freshly recruited or transferred abroad, in line for a new destination, you have many questions about your next environment.

  • What will be the package my employer will provide me with when transferring ?
  • How and when will I discover my next residency and its neighborhood?
  • What is the search process for accommodation and how shall I be accompanied?
  • What sort of assistance will I benefit from when getting basic utilities, school search, and administrativepaperwork ?
  • How to organize my moving?

Exciting for some, baffling for others, time consuming for all, your relocation expert is here to make the transition as smooth as possible to your new environment.


By attaching you the services of a mobility expert, your employer shows the consideration they hold you in and provides you with the means to fully integrate more easily by reducing stress and time waste.

From your point of departure until your arrival in your new site, your family is companied all the way par recognized experts : relocation experts.

Advantages of usingSNPRM relocation services

Administrative paperwork, accommodation, schooling, safety, language, utilities, fiber, insurance, health coverage… The mobility expert provides you with personalized assistance, in a language spoken by both parties, up to integration. Our assistance can extend over time depending on your needs, language course, employment of spouse, translation… always in full compliance of our Code of Ethics and strict adherence to confidentiality of information provided.