Nowadays, all companies, regardless of their size, in order to compete on the global markets have project some of their employees out of their base, on a temporary base on short term mission or on a long term basis  through expatriation programs. To ensure the fastest possible resolution and maintain a quality of service, they rely on a relocation professional, mobility expert to smooth out the logistics of expatriation.

In which case ?

One calls upon a mobility expert whenever time spent in-house handling expatriation procedures will interfere in the regular dealing of day to day management of regular tasks.

A profession

One requires the assistance of relocation professional, individually as an employee or HR service, for all issues related to geographic mobility.
Regardless of distance, be it in a faraway country or a hundred miles away from home, organizing one’s moving requires method and thoroughness.
SNPRM certified experts, thanks to their independence, will always offer bespoke solutions so to facilitate the best possible integration at the best rate on the market.


Relocation and HR

Relocation and employees