«Advice and assistance to companies and natural persons for the management of geographical mobility nationally and internationally. »

Our profession

  • Council to the directions of human resources in the management of geographical mobility.
  • Council to the transferred employees and their families.
  • Management and coordination of the processes of mobility, cost optimization.
  • Installation support and awareness to the new environment.
  • Training of HR teams in the development of mobility policies.
  • Intercultural training.

Our commitments

  • Adherence to a code of ethics
  • Financial independence vis-à-vis our missions partners.
  • Continuing education, sanctioned by European certifications.

Our areas of expertise

  • Integration assistance
  • Coordination of the move
  • Education
  • Spouse employment
  • Expense Management
  • Taxation
  • Administrative formalities
  • Immigration
  • Intercultural
  • Housing
  • Social protection

The Relocation and mobility professionals are registered under code 7022Z and attached to the Convention collective Syntec.