Professional mobility, be it local or international, entails the handling of many different issues that only an expert can tackle. IfINSEE (French national statistics agency) has coined for our trade the following definition:

«Counsel and assistance to companies or physical entities for the management of national and international geographic mobility. », one can add that the benefit is always individual, all tailored to measures taking into account all time, space, family parameters and specific requirements and demands so to detach the company from time consuming technical tasks and provide the customer with a smooth adaptation, reducing stress and time wasting.


There are three main branches in our activities:


  • Assistance to geographic mobility matters to HR departments.
  • Coaching of the employees and their families

Handling :

  • Optimization of all costs
  • Accompanying to settling in

Training :

  • Assist HR teams when setting up their mobility policies
  • Raising awareness to new environment through intercultural management

Fields of expertise

All SNPRM members are well trained professionals fully versed in administrative or regulatory issues.

Their unparalleled knowledge of the terrain allows them to be the key player in the adaptation to a new environment.

To ease adaptation in all aspects of their new life, our members provide a vast array of expertise:

  • Immigration
  • Employment of spouse
  • Tax issues
  • Health coverage
  • Accommodation search
  • Coordination of moving
  • Schooling
  • Expense management
  • Administrative paperwork
  • Intercultural training