Independent and neutral in their counsel,impartial, their ethics have them act in all circumstances in the legitimate interest of their customer, with integrity and loyalty. All confidential data are treated in total confidentiality.

To know more about our code of Ethics, click here – in French
 Some of our bonds of trust towards our customers

Service and Commitment

Our activity, in close proximity to individuals, employees or HR and in contact with many providers demands an impeccable quality of service and the strict adherence to above to a set of fair practices at any level.

To ordering customer, an agreement has been signed between the SNPRM, the union of movers and the national Chamber of Procurement so to synchronize our best practices.

Relocation activities are governed by a business framework, its objectives are :

  • Explaining the content of all services provided by a relocation company
  • Set a clear budget frame for said services
  • Bring to light the stakes linked to opting for a relocation company
  • Provide key factors to help determine the choice of a relocation company

Internally, a code of ethics must be signed every year by all members. By extension, it applies to all subcontractors and is backed by our partners. They can refer to it when establishing partnerships with our members.

To know more about our code of Ethics, click here – in French

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Good practice

Moreover, SNPRM Members commits to:

  • Respecting our code of Ethics
  • Remain independent financially towards our partners
  • Adhere to an ongoing training program, recognized by European certifications.


Following trends in the profession, maintaining the level of knowledge of all actors of relocation, subcontractors, partners, or other companies involved.


To refrain from providing counsel in a field where they would not have the requisite level of knowledge or would not be entitled to.


Not to accept any fee from real estate agencies, notaries, solicitors, owners, hotel residencies or any other party in the field of estate, directly or indirectly, nor accepting any financial gratification of any kind directly or indirectly that could compromise independence of judgement.


Finding an expert

Wherever you plan on sending one of your employees, we have a local expert for you to assist them.

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