Relocation experts, to maintain the highest standard of service, have to undergo a continuous training program. This quality approach allows them to claim credit points with our European certifying body.

SNPRM, actor of professional training


  • A day of professional training offered every two months

Aimed at members willing to improve their skills in any aspect of our trade.

  • Open to all companies or individuals not member of SNPRM.
  • Credited of 50 EARP 50 points by training day.

Seminars: Fundamentals of relocation

  • A full two day course for newcomers to the profession
  • Certification EARP ERQ1
  • The level ERQ1 is required of all willing to join the SNPRM

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SNPRM/EARP, as a registered training center allows to claim financing from various official authorities.

SNPRM, on demand, can provide you with a training contract

NAF code of the relocation companies is: 7022 Z

If you are salaried, you can claim reimbursement to OPCA- FAFIEC. Documents can be downloaded at

If you are an independent worker, check the site of FIF PL : and register on line.

Certification & EARP

The European Academy of Relocation Professionals (EARP) was foundedin 2002 by 4 European syndicates:

  • Abra– Belgium
  • ARP – United Kingdom
  • EuRA- Europe
  • SNPRM – France

Managed by a board of executives comprising one member of each founding union, it is run by a director of Operations based in England.

Its aim is to

  • Design training curricula
  • Validate creditsfor trainings offered in Europe and organized by various syndicates.
  • Keep tab of individuals earnt credits.
  • Set up a validation process leading to the delivering of certificates.

Each training day is worth 50 points in the trainee’s account.

Other values for training sessions:

ERQ1 :  200 points.

ERQ2 :  300 points

ERQ3 :  450 points.

When reaching 450 points, the level 3 trainee is expected to write a 2500 words essay covering one of the topic treated and corrected by the University of Louvain (Belgium).

To maintain their level 3 accreditation, the trainee must follow at least a day of training every year.

Contact in England : Dominic Tidey, EARP Operations Director:

The Training catalogue

To stay abreast of market evolutions and news regulations, we adapt our training program every season. Beyond the training of fundamentals, we organize small group seminars in French or English, two hourwebinar sessions to deepen the knowledge of some specific issue and trainings for HR departments.

Our trainings, agendas and registrations