The stakes of relocation

Professional mobility concerns all employees and services of relocation expert have become common when willing to offer the same standards of quality and involvement when transferring abroad or coming back from expatriation. Regardless of distance or company size, services provided by a mobility expert guarantee a smooth adaptation

Accompanying companies and employees

For HR services, there is a threefold benefit to delegate this technical procedure.

  • Sub contracting multiple and technical tasks needed to be proceeded at the same time.
    Service provided by mobility experts recreates a HR service on the field. By covering all aspects of relocation for the lowest cost, the HR department can focus on more gratifying tasks.
  • A sole contact from inception of project to the plugging of the TV set.
    Your consultant will be able to inform you on all aspects related to a specific case, from local security issues to the latest tax rules up to the settling in an accommodation and the functioning of various devices. On all these aspects a sole contact will assure the interface with you.
  • Keeping the company out of the intimate sphere of the family during this transition period.
    Administrative process implies the collection and management of confidential data. Entrusting a third party allows the company not to infringe any local law or internal code related to personal data collection. Moving can in some cases exacerbate personal frailties and our experts are well trained in handling with tact adaptation to a new environment and help the family absorb any initial cultural shock.Our training center provides RH teams specific trainings on mobility handling.

Means and resources

Entrusting a SNPRM member guarantees you that all issues raised can be treated in house or shared and solved among our teams. There is not a technical issue for which we could not provide a quick answer nor a specific need that we could not handle. The onus of our activity is the personal accompaniment of the beneficiaries and each of our customer gets a bespoke delivery so to meet their expectations and the interests of the client.

International Dimension of the network

To meet the demands of a customer for a project in any part of the world, it is paramount to rely on partners sharing the same level of excellence of service. Although we are a national union, some of our members are based abroad and we do maintain close contact with all actors in the French speaking world. As aco-founder of the European project EURA aiming at getting to work together all actors of the continent, we have privileged relationship over the five continents so to meet the demand of our clients


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