A structure on a human scale, at the service of its members and defending the profession


The SNPRM is organised into three colleges of members.

The SNPRM has a collegial operation. An Executive Board is elected by the General Assembly for a renewable term of two years. All of them work on a voluntary basis.


The board includes a representative of the partners and consultants to ensure a perfect osmosis between the colleges.

To assist it in its tasks, the office uses service providers for secretarial work, accounting, training management and IT.

In order to be more efficient, the board has set up a working group system since 2019, which allows members to get involved for one year on current issues.


5 main themes covering our fundamental values are broken down into different working groups:


1. Visibility – (Recognition)

  • Create communication materials

  • Participate in events

  • Supervise and manage digital content


2. Integration – (An ethics charter)

  • Proposing optimal integration conditions: working group dedicated to independent consultants

  • Supporting the integration of new entrants for one year

  • Checking compliance with the Ethics Charter: dedicated Compliance working group


3. Professionalisation – (Expertise)

  • Provide an annual training catalogue

  • Developing innovative learning solutions


4. Sustainability – (Recognition)

  • Defending and promoting the profession:
    – Action Logement
    – Real estate agents


5. Event communication – (the Network)

  • Liaise with partners

  • Organising seminars


These groups are led by a pilot and usually consist of three members. They meet once or twice a month and report to the Bureau on the progress of their work.

The current bureau (2020-2022) is composed of 7 federating members:

Martine Di Pietra - Link Mobilité - Présidente du SNPRM

Martine Di Pietra

President CSU

Link Mobilité

Sophie Chassery - Home Move - Trésorière du SNPRM

Sophie Chassery

SNPRM Treasurer

Home Move

Bloom relocation, partenaire SNPRM

Barbara Vanthielen

Secretary & Community Manager

Bloom Relocation

Bloom relocation, partenaire SNPRM

Tracy Kautzmann

Partner delegate

Impact Group

Martine Di Pietra - Link Mobilité - Présidente du SNPRM

Laurent Capmas

Partner delegate – alternate


Sophie Chassery - Home Move - Trésorière du SNPRM

Sophie Dord

Training Manager

Expat Services France

Bloom relocation, partenaire SNPRM

Davy Maynard

Integration Manager

Groupe Mobility

Photo des membres du bureau du SNPRM