The SNPRM represents the relocation industry in France, and defends its interests with the public authorities and society as a whole, on current and future issues, both nationally and internationally



The SNPRM (Syndicat des Professionnels de la Relocation et de la Mobilité) represents the relocation industry in France, and defends its interests with the public authorities and society as a whole, on current and future issues, both nationally and internationally.


It offers support and services to its members and partners and thus makes a contribution in the development of the relocation and professional mobility market.



Since its creation in 1995, the SNPRM continues to integrate the major missions of:

  • Leading a network pooling the skills of all the players in the sector
  • Structuring the profession to improve its specific nature and visibility
  • Promoting and defending the profession with public authorities and expert channels
  • Developing an open programme of high added value continuing education


Creating a network to share skills

One of the specific features of the profession is to network with colleagues and partners within France and abroad. Do you need to offer more services, provide wider geographical coverage, meet a sudden demand? The best solution for an Expert is the network.


This style of operation is based on mutual trust, which only a free, independent and recognised organisation can offer. Our network enables us to entrust missions to trained and certified experts, expand our catchment area and always have consultants available. This is one of the most important functions of the SNPRM.


Structuring and regulating the profession

Membership of the SNPRM is a guarantee of recognition, visibility and a seal of quality recognised by buyers. As a signatory to a charter of good conduct with the CDAF (Compagnie des Directeurs et Acheteurs de France), the SNPRM has created the first activity reference framework and has adopted an ethics charter (see appendix) which enables all members, both competitors and colleagues, to operate on a solid foundation of common values. These strong commitments allow the SNPRM to be the only body representing the profession to public authorities. In this capacity, it is required to negotiate with the Ministry of the Economy, its supervisory ministry, on specific points of the activity. Because it is constantly developing new services and products for its members, SNPRM is expanding the professional network and constantly working to improve the visibility of the profession.

Promoting and defending the profession

To promote the profession, the SNPRM works with local and national economic development agencies, professional chambers, friendly trade unions(SPLM, FNCPC), ANDRH, APEC and all those involved in professional mobility. We organise annual conferences in the provinces and in Paris, offer surveys, webinars and training. To defend the profession, internal committees including legal experts put together dossiers and negotiate with ministries, parliaments, Action Logement, etc.


Organising training courses

French, European and global regulations require that we review our practices and keep abreast of the legal framework in which we operate. To this end, the SNPRM offers a specific annual training program for all levels, in person or via webinar. We are the only body to offer training in Professional Mobility Support Level 1. This enables people undergoing retraining or new people entering the labour market to acquire the basics of a support mission (accommodation search). Our members benefit from advantageous rates for these courses.


Experts in Professional Mobility Management Consulting, all of them independent, spread over the national territory, joined forces in 1995 to pool, improve and defend their then nascent profession.


Thus was born the Syndicat National des Professionnels de la Relocation et la Mobilité (National Union of Relocation and Mobility Professionals), a non-profit association, governed by the Waldeck Rousseau law of 1904.


Appearance of the first relocation company in France


Creation of the SNPRM (Syndicat National des Professionnels de la Relocation et de la Mobilité) in the form of a non-profit association (under the French law of 1901)


Creation of the EuRA (European Relocation Association) at the initiative of, among others, the SNPRM


Creation of the EARP (European Academy of Relocation Professionals) by the SNPRM, the Belgian ABRA, the European EuRA and the British ARP, to unify and raise the level of training in Europe


The SNPRM took a new step, becoming a representative professional union, under the Waldeck-Rousseau law


The SNPRM is the trade union that comprises more than 80% of companies in the profession


The SNPRM joins the MEDEF


Creation of the FNPR, a Far&MG and the SNPRM merge

Our commitments

What services does the union undertake to provide for its members?

Syndicat National des Professionnels de la Relocalisation et de la Mobilité professionnelle
  • Provide information on best practice for the profession
  • Training at preferential rates
  • Opening of physical or virtual spaces for discussion and exchange between members
  • Direct access to board members
  • A constant telephone and electronic reception
  • No vested interests
  • A course of action validated at the General Assembly
  • Access to stored and secure information
  • Member visibility on a dedicated website
  • Organisation of at least one national face-to-face event per year
  • Access to legal advice
  • Support for new entities
  • Offer a range of solutions through selected partners
  • Representational role with public authorities and negotiation in good faith
  • The production of documents useful for the legal operation of the company