Relocation: helps the employee and accelerates matters for the company

Smooth operations for professional and geographical mobility!

The geographical mobility of workers has become a key issue for companies.

Whether it involves recruiting or transferring talent in France or abroad, preparing for the expatriation of high-potential employees, transferring teams from one site to another in France, or assisting work-study students, young people, or anyone entering the job market, we work daily to ensure that mobility does not become a hindrance and even that it can be experienced as a career accelerator.

Specific case of expatriation

The cost of expatriation is not negligible, and a failure can have very negative repercussions for the company’s organisation and image.

Depending on the duration and destination of expatriation, studies have shown that there can be up to a 30% failure rate. The amounts invested therefore require special attention and a professional approach. In various studies, when expatriates speak out, 25% feel that their transfer was poorly managed by their employer, 30% could not get a clear picture of the host country until they were there and 25% had problems with their tax and immigration procedures despite the legal risk this may entail. The main factors of failure in expatriation are family and cultural: following spouse, poor integration of the family…


Beyond their technical contribution, the Relocation Expert’s role is to support the families by facilitating their adaptation to their new territory.