The aim of a relocation company is to relieve you from a vast array of tasks for which you do not necessarily have the resource internally. Time gain, cost effectiveness, by outsourcing those varied technical tasks, you ensure that your employee, recruited or in mobility will be efficient much faster.
Because there is one close to where you plan on sending your employee ! One that knows better the local market and its specificities. Its response time will be shorter and it will become your partner more than a mere provider.  If going multi-site, thanks to the strength of our network, one member will be able to provide the same level of excellence of service in (about) any point on the globe !
Size does not matter. They all are firmly rooted locally and know better than anyone the environment. All our members share the same work ethics that put independence and quality of service first. We do not accept fees from our providers, we go by loyalty and confidentiality and refer to experts when needed in the sole interest of our clients.
No !If there can be confusion at times, it’s not by our end. The accommodation is only a phase in the mobility process, our services are variedand the majority of them is upstream work, before the physical arrival of our customer in its new environment. As independents, we do not have a backlog of products to sell but research with no preconceptions, the best accommodation solution for a family.
The base of our efficiency lays in our ability to work in network. Thanks to various partnerships created over time, we are able to honor orders for any destination where expatriation is an option.
All our partners adhere to structures ensuring a continuity in the quality of service.So to guarantee a  standardizationof our procedures, a Relocation European Académie of professionals, EARP, has been created in 2002. One can also mention the EuRA Quality Seals, based onISO 9001 quality norm. The EURA Quality Seal isthe most widely recognized standard of qualityin Europe for our industry.
Indeeda large of our activity relies on data collection. All administrations require very minute detail that we transfer, translate, keep, archive for legal reasons. Prior to GDPR, we already had a very strict code of conduct in that respect. All our members are now full compliant and compatible with GDPR.  Beyond, SNPRM works with AFNOR, a French norm agency to create a certification that will govern all professional counsel activities.


The relocation company will check your eligibility before starting its research. Conditions are as ‘Action Logement’ specifies.
Our intervention is strictly framed inside the constraints that the customer has given. Our experts adapt to your demand, knowing that improvisation is never the easy road to succeed.
That may help us better target your needs but you don’t have to research on the internet. To save you time, our local experts are the best judges of the quality of products based on your specifics such as proximity to work place, selection of school, employment of spouse…
For a mere accommodation research, theMobili-Pass® may allow, in France, not to spend anything. No advance, no payment at the end. The mobility expert will claim its fees directly to Action Logement Service.


There currently is not a precise definition of what a  « Mobility provider » is;only the SNPRM considers that there can be no conflict of interest between the company, the client or its employee, the customer. In that respect, the real estate profession is not compatible with relocation activities in our view as it would be difficult to guarantee the customer that goods presented are the best available if one favors their own products ? To counteract, SNPRM, form its inception, has created a strong code of ethics on this issue.

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